Managing your manager

Thinking about my Mom, who left us eleven years ago. Glad I had her as long as I did…we had fun, but also our moments. I remember once I screwed up big, can’t recall details, but it was a case of Wait Till Your Father Gets Home. All efforts to defuse it at a tactical level failed, an icy silence, launch codes engaged and silo covers opening as 5:00pm crept closer. My doom was sealed.

Had a sudden thought. Ran up to the bus stop, approximately 1/4 mile from our house, where I could see far down rural Glades Road. I finally see Pop’s station wagon coming and as he turns onto our street, I jumped off the pasture fence. “Hey buddy,” he says. “What are you doing?” I said I was just there to see how his day went and catch a ride the rest of the way home with him. Aw, what a great kid.

“Elevator speech” was not known at that time, but I was an unknowing early adopter and in 60 seconds got my side of the story told and how sorry I was. Pop commends me for my honesty, said he appreciates it, he wasn’t pleased but understood. He reaches behind me on the bench seat, put an arm around my shoulder and gives me a squeeze as we pull in the driveway. Phew. Missile launch canceled.

I walk behind him into the kitchen, Mom’s standing there, can’t wait to unload. “DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS KID DID TODAY?” she demands, hands on hips. Pop: “Aww, I know, he told me…it’s OK, we worked it out.” I lean out from behind my protector and the look on my Mom’s face is unforgettable. WTH…damn, the kid outflanked me. I won’t forget this, buddy. Her look could have curdled milk.

But a mother’s love overcomes all and I was eventually forgiven. I think I even earned some grudging respect that day. Love ya, Ma

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