I am a stoked father of three wonderful kids. I am passionate about writing, surfing, playing the guitar and photography. I love dogs and spending time outdoors.

After 35+ years in the Corporate world…and surviving multiple layoffs…I decided enough was enough and retired. I am now a beachcomber who enjoys spending time with my wife and kids.

During my career as an environmental engineer (and for a seven-year stint as a technical writer and editor) I authored product documentation, technical reports, patent submissions…as well as creative material like web content, brochures, flyers, blogs.

I developed an environmental educational program for at-risk middle school students. I authored illustrated field journals and conducted outdoor classes at our 740-acre campus in Research Triangle Park, NC. I earned our company state-level and national recognition as a leader in Sustainability.

I am now a freelance writer and photographer, dividing my time between Cary and Carolina Beach, NC.

Professional Services

Technical Content:
White papers, grants, permits

Creative Content:
Web, print, photography

Work at my desk and in the Great Outdoors

Advisory Environmental Engineer, IBM RTP, NC
(2005 – 2019)
Project manager for the site’s environmental engineering program. Starting with just a few employees, I developed and managed a 250-member site Green Team that helped us meet our environmental goals and community outreach efforts.

Web developer, writer & editor, IBM RTP, NC
(1996 – 2005)
Project manager for a suite of 20+ IBM Data Management software products. I led teams and wrote web marketing content, print collateral, as well as product libraries and Business Partner materials.

Environmental Engineer, IBM Boca Raton, FL
(1982 – 1996)
Managed the site’s environmental programs: Solid waste recycling, air emissions, tanks, permitting.