About me

I am the blessed father of three wonderful kids. I enjoy writing, surfing, playing the guitar and photography. I have three dogs and like spending time outdoors.

After 35+ years in the Corporate world, dodging multiple layoffs, I had enough. I now divide my time between Carolina Beach and Raleigh, NC, and enjoying the company of my wife and kids.

With exquisite timing, I retired four months before the pandemic. Goodbye, travel plans. I could only binge watch so much Netflix, so I looked for other ways to occupy my time.

Much of my career as environmental engineer involved lots of writing. Once blogs became a thing, I kept our 10,000 site employees in the know about our environmental efforts here in NC.

I started writing random thoughts and vignettes on my Facebook page and many of my friends said “You should write.” So I started this blog for fun.

I hope you enjoy it. I’d love to hear from you!