Sporting superstition

WordPress has a daily tickler. Today’s was “Are you superstitious?”

Am I? I suppose to some degree; although I think there might little OCD going on, an itch that must be scratched.

Spill salt? Uh oh. Throw some over my right shoulder. Or is it left? Not even sure of the origins of most of these, but not following through with the prescribed “fix” leaves a nagging feeling of incompleteness.

Sports? Forget it. If I’m at our alumni club sports bar and my team is winning, I’ll refuse to change TVs. If they’re losing, I’ll “TV shop” for a better one. I stand on one foot until after the field goal attempt. I used to keep our 2 yo daughter up in front of the TV until 11:00pm to ensure our team won. She and my wife loved that 🙂

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  1. Good one ☝️ 


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