High Flight

Today is Pop’s birthday, he would have been 95. The picture is him, maybe 18, a pilot trainee. He always loved aviation, being untethered from earth…his heart was in the clouds. I think there may have been some spiritual dimension involved…the poem “High Flight” comes to mind.

As I was going through old stuff, I found this picture of Kelsey…she must have been 5 or so. As a little kid, she always seemed to have this certain undefinable quality about her…can’t describe it, but it was noticeable and more than one person remarked on it. She seemed to be able to discern things the rest of us couldn’t. My camera caught her in one of these reveries.

I was struck by the similarities of the pictures…two people, almost seven decades years apart…thousand-foot stares, pondering who knows what. From one I learned; the other I taught. But I think there is something more, some quality of Pop that’s in Kelsey that’s beyond me.

I’m just glad the flame is still burning

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