Little Women

Last night, I went with the fam to see “Little Women.” As I watched the story unfold, I was struck by the similarity of the characterizations and my own three girls. Each of the sisters in the story had their own distinct personalities and talents: The fiercely independent author Jo; the sensitive musician Beth; the temperamental artist Amy; the grounded eldest, Meg.

I snuck a glance at them; three unique personalities, three sisters who had fought and laughed and loved. I had been there for each of their births and baptisms. I had seen their first steps. I had seen each develop an awareness, then an interest, then a proficiency in something.

As I watched them in the flickering light, I realized they were no longer children; I had only been a steward for a season. I had let go of the handlebars, given each a final push…and like the characters in the movie, each was now finding her own way with her own abilities on the foundations we built.

Not sure what comes next; those chapters are blank pages known only to God. But I silently gave thanks for the years that flew by with astonishing speed and for the three amazing young people sitting next to me in a darkened theater eating popcorn and watching a movie that they could only fully comprehend from one perspective. I only hope I’ll be able to watch it with them again, years from now, when they’ll see it from another 😎

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